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Black Card Capital Partners

Black Card Capital Partners is a growth equity PE firm that specializes in acquiring GP Stakes in emerging funds.

Growth Capital: We don’t just invest money. We are truly a long term partner in the business and are dedicated to providing value to all stakeholders: employees, partners, investors, & portfolio assets alike.

Aligned Incentivized & Limited Equity Dilution: As a non-controlling stakeholder, we let managers focus on what they do best, and provide strategic support where it's needed. We want to make sure all parties are incentivised for the long haul.

Focus & Mission: Systematize & optimize fundraising efforts , the firm, & the fund.

Deal Criteria:

  • Fund AUM between $1M - $150M
  • Teams with broad equity buy in
  • Funds with a strong commitment to growth

For New Managers: For a brand new General Partnership, your enterprise value is essentially $0.00, there will be no acquisition/exchange of money upon signing. We will come in on the ground floor and provide consulting & other services in exchange for a minority revenue/profit share of your General Partnership. This costs you no money up front. We only make money when you do. Areas of focus: 

  • Fundraising
  • Firm
  • Fund

For Seasoned Managers: Your General Partnership will have an associated enterprise value based on the revenues that you’ve generated. Most General Partnerships Stakes are fairly difficult to sell, but we are here to help. Areas of focus: 

  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Liquidating GP
  • Optimization
  • Expansion of the Fund

Use of Proceeds

Our strategy for utilizing the proceeds is to acquire GP stakes in emerging fund managers' investment funds. This approach allows us to gain exposure to the performance of these funds while also supporting the growth of emerging managers. By acquiring GP stakes, we are aligning our interests with those of the fund managers, as we both stand to benefit from the success of the underlying investments. Our team has experience in selecting and evaluating emerging fund managers, and we believe that this strategy will provide our investors with an attractive risk-adjusted return. 

Ownership Structure & Rights of Securities

Lincoln Archibald 

  • General Partner
  • CIO

Bridger Pennington

  • General Partner
  • Head of Business Development/Investor Relations

Mason Vranes

  • Operating Partner

Risks & Disclosures

The contents of this offering are not tax, financial, investment, or legal advice. You should always consult a legal professional before taking action. Black Card Capital Partners LLC ("BCCP") actively consults, affiliates, and works with many funds which may have similar fund asset profiles. Many funds historically, currently, or in the future are operating or will operate similar investment strategies and processes. By working with BCCP and its representatives, you acknowledge the above, and agree that any business practices, strategies, and systems are not held confidential and are used across the industry. Do not send information you intend to be confidential without a prior written confidentiality agreement.       

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Meet the Black Card Capital Partners team

Chief Investment Officer
Lincoln Archibald

Lincoln is the Managing Partner of Black Card Capital Partners, a Private Equity Firm specializing in GP Stakes. He is currently a partner on multiple funds across the alternative landscape. Lincoln also functions as the CFO for Fund Launch & is an active fund consultant. With prior experience from JP Morgan, venture capital, and real estate development, he brings a strong analytical and financial background to his work. As CFO at Fund Launch, Lincoln has played a critical executive role in pr

Adam Campbell

Adam W. Campbell, CPA brings over 20 years of experience in accounting, finance, and business intelligence including 6+ years in family offices and 10+ years in PE backed Real Estate funds focused on multi-family, commercial, residential housing, debt issuance and seniors housing developments. He was a founding employee for a Salt Lake based PE Fund that managed over $5 Billion of AUM. He has played key executive roles in scaling multiple early stage companies there are managed by VC/PE groups o

Vu Tran

Vu Tran is specialized in raising money, closing deals, and building your personal brand by using his 8-fundamental propriety disciplines. Vu has been an IFS specialty coach for over a year specializing in pitching and framing your deals to raise even more money. He has nearly 10 years of experience in the US Marine Corps specializing in logistics, supply chain management, forecasting, Lean Six Sigma, and intelligence. Using his experience, he has built a successful 8-figure real estate portfoli


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